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What makes Aburaso Methodist JHS different?

Quiz Club

Our school quiz club is a fascinating and engaging opportunity for students to demonstrate their intelligence and test their knowledge in a competitive, yet friendly setting. Members of the club have the opportunity to participate in various quiz competitions. The club provides an opportunity for students who have an interest in Mathematics, English, Science, and current affairs to demonstrate their knowledge and potentially gain valuable prizes. The club also provides a social outlet for students with similar interests, encouraging teamwork and camaraderie. Members are encouraged to practice regularly and consider new knowledge in diverse areas. Through this club, students build their confidence, improve their public speaking skills and learn how to work under pressure. Overall, the school quiz club offers a wonderful, fun-filled intellectual experience to its members.

Quiz Club
Quiz Club

High-tech labs

Our school boasts a state-of-the-art IT lab that is equipped with modern technology to aid in the learning process of our students. The lab provides an environment that nurtures creativity and technological advancement. With cutting-edge hardware, software, and high-speed internet connectivity, students have access to a comprehensive range of technological resources. This allows them to explore and discover new concepts while using the latest technology. The lab also provides an interactive and engaging experience to the learners, enhancing their learning experience. There are dedicated IT professionals available to provide support and guidance to students as necessary.

We are a leading academic school with excellent examination results, and impressive progression to top Senior High Schools in this country and abroad.

Emmanuel Tweneboah

Head of IT Department
Soccer Team
Soccer Team

Sports and co-curricular activities

Our school sports team is competitive with a wide range of sports available, including soccer, tennis, and volleyball. They participate in tournaments and competitions throughout the year, showcasing their skills and representing our school with pride. Good sportsmanship and support are always demonstrated.

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